Black & White


I've spent countless hours in the "doka" (Dutch for dark room) during my college years. The Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts had a huge dark room, and there were days I didn't see daylight at all. I have uploaded a few of these older (scanned) prints. Nowadays with easy to use apps and filters, I'm able to mimic my favorite paper prints in just a few clicks. What I like about black & white images is that it emphasizes textures, structures, and light, as color is no longer distracting our view.

Grey boats
To the beach
Tokyo tiles
Tokyo swans
Island resort entrance
Haad Yao
Sign gone
Sacred tree
Wire mess
Black statue
Ayutthaya temple ruins
Daughter & temple
Wat Maha That
Wat Maha That
Garden rubble
Wire mess
Guesthouse garden
Jura bed
Wat Ratcha Burana